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Time: November 24, 2018
Coordinates: Zhejiang Junhao Electronic Restaurant
Assembly object: Chairman of the union: Wang Chaoquan, JunHao Electronics, November Birth Employees, HR team;
Meet the people you want to meet among thousands of people. In the thousands of years, in the wilderness of time, there is no early step, no late step, just happened to catch up, there is nothing else to say, only gently ask: "Hey, are you here too?"
Yes, I am here too.
After read Zhang Ailing's book "Love",? understanding the encounter is a fate. Being able to work together is not a complete summary of the fate.
In 2018, Junhao Electronics’ collective birthday party in November kicked off the blessing of the chairman of the trade union, Wang Chaoquan.
Wenzhou, who first saw the cold, everyone in a foreign land, we always hope that in the big family of Junhao, we can bring some joy to you, some relaxed, some home feelings, the November collective birthday party is another new one for us. s begin.

The party prepared a rich dessert, fruit snacks and cold food hot drinks and other parties around three links: the first link: the game link: super memory, the scene reported the department + the most name of the person to win, after 5 rounds of PK finally by IPQC The leader of the team, Liu Wei, won the "Queen of Memory" with 16 people and won the "Hug of Love" pillow;
Every two links: Lottery: According to the entrance sign, everyone draws a lottery balloon with a lottery number to draw the lottery. The third prize is won by the game “Queen of Memory” for everyone, and the prize is awarded. Secondly, the second prize is awarded. On the evening, Yang Xiubo of the Shouxing Department of Material Control selected a total of 2 people and presented prizes;
The third link: eating cakes, making a wish, singing a happy birthday song, the atmosphere is warm and romantic.
In addition to the above games and sweepstakes, we also specially prepared beautiful gifts for all the birthday stars to show our blessings.
Thank you for your active participation, so that our careful preparation has the opportunity to show in front of everyone;
Thank you for everything you have done for the company since joining Junhao. I hope that in the days to come, I will work harder and achieve my own strength, and also inject more power into the company's development.
Thank you for choosing Junhao from many companies, and choosing us to fight side by side. A cake symbolizes a united group. A shining candle is like a beating heart. The heart is wonderful because of the collective. Proud, let us give our applause and blessings to ourselves, to our family and loved ones, thank them for their quiet efforts, thank them for their support, thank you all the way, thank you for letting us get together, thank you for working together. Help, in the days to come, let us face all the things we have to face with gratitude.
Finally, let us once again send the most sincere blessings to the birthday stars in November: I wish them a happy birthday, happy everyday!

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